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Whether you're a current Shopify member with a Basic plan or an enterprise-level business looking for a new e-commerce platform, you may be considering Shopify Plus.

Plus is Shopify's premium plan that has many added features for businesses that need more than what's offered with the Basic plans. The Plus plan comes at a significantly higher cost than the Basic plans, so it's essential to decide if it makes financial sense for your business. We'll discuss all of the benefits of the Plus plan to help you determine if it's a good fit for your business.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the enterprise-level version of the basic version of Shopify. It offers premium features for businesses that are experiencing high monthly volumes in sales. Plus helps businesses to handle these higher volumes and has added features that can benefit large or swiftly-growing businesses.

Plus comes with all of the features found in the basic Shopify plan and includes extra features. For an added monthly cost, businesses have many more customization options, payment processing discounts, dedicated support and more. Let's dive into the costs and features to help you decide if Plus is right for your business.

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

While Plus requires you to speak with a customer rep to discuss your business needs and revenue before quoting you a price, Plus plans start at a minimum of $2,000 per month. Your monthly cost is based on your revenues. In most situations, Plus will cost you 0.25% of your monthly revenues.

For example, if your business brings in $800,000 monthly, then at 0.25%, you'll pay the $2,000 monthly minimum fee.

If your business makes more than $800,000 in monthly revenues, then you'll pay more. for example, if you have $10 million in sales each month, at the 0.25% rate, your monthly fee will be $25,000.

It's important to note that you don't have to have $800,000 per month to use or benefit from the Plus platform. Many businesses with lower revenues opt for the Plus platform because they want the features or are planning for growth. However, all businesses under $800.000 in revenue are still required to pay the $2,000 monthly minimum.

What are the benefits of Shopify Plus?

The Plus platform comes with many features that can help you scale your business and streamline your processes.

Ability to Handle More Transactions

While the Shopify basic plan doesn't have a threshold for the number of sales or use of bandwidth, a spike in sales can cause a delay on your site. Plus has faster services and higher bandwidths to ensure that your site never slows down, even if you're getting over 10,000 orders per minute.

Many More Opportunities for Customization

You can completely customize your customer experience with the Plus plan. You can show items in 3D and AR to allow your customers to make more informed purchases. You can set up buy now features to encourage impulse shopping.

You can also create a customized checkout experience by displaying individualized customer recommendations, coupons and more. If you sell in multiple countries, you can create a unique storefront and checkout experience for each country.

As your business grows, you'll likely want to offer wholesale or other special pricing for specific customers. Plus lets you offer customized pricing for these special customers.

Need to customize your store even more? Plus gives you access to Liquid, Shopify's theme language. You can make changes at the backend for the ultimate customization possibilities.

Integration With More Systems

Plus comes with additional API resources that let you integrate with third-party systems. You can even create your own apps to customize your store even further.

Unlimited Employee Accounts

With a bigger business, you likely have more employees that need access to the Shopify platform to keep things running smoothly. Plus allows you to have unlimited employee accounts, so everyone on your team can be productive.

Multiple Businesses

With the Plus plan, you can have more than one business under the same account. You can keep track of and manage everything all from one page.

Dedicated Customer Service

While all Shopify plans included unlimited 24/7 support, Plus gives you a dedicated account manager. Each time you need assistance, you'll speak with the same person who is already familiar with your account.

Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Which is Right for Your Store?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both the Basic and Plus plans. Because the Plus plan is so costly, it's important to ensure that it's a good financial decision for your business. If you are an individual or have a small business with lower monthly revenue, then it's likely that the basic plan has all the features you need.

The Plus plan is ideal for businesses that are earning at least $800,000 in monthly revenue. This number will allow you to offset the high cost of using Plus. If your business makes less than $800,000 per month, Plus may still be a good option. Shopify recommends the Plus plan for businesses that are earning at $2 million per year. For growing businesses, the Plus plan is often worth the extra money as it can propel them into much higher monthly revenues.

The Basic Shopify plans come with plenty of features. You can sell on platforms other than your website, including social media and e-commerce sites. Buyers have a full range of payment options. Shopify customer support is always available.

Your costs range between $29 and $299. Higher tiers get you more staff accounts and features like multiple locations and more shipping options. Your monthly cost is not based on revenue, so you can expect the same fee every month.

However, if your business is at the enterprise level or growing quickly, the Plus plan has many advantages that make it worth it. You can customize your store to make it functional for your business. You can automate processes to make your business run more smoothly.

Whether your customers use Shopify Payments or other forms of payments, you can expect to pay lower fees when you're on the Plus program. While these fees often differ by a fraction of a percent, when your revenues are high, these savings can make a big difference.

Shopify Plus Successful Brands Examples


Allbirds is a New Zealand American company that manages its point of sale and e-commerce system on the same platform with the help of Shopify Plus.


Gymshark, which used to be a sub-standard platform, has migrated to Shopify Plus. With the help of Shopify Plus, Gymshark is now more focused on product creation/customer service rather than IT issues.


Before coming to Shopify plus, Staples faced issues in updating the basic tools and promotions. Shopify Plus makes it easy for them to boost their business with no worries.


Bombas is an apparel company. Bombas sells only socks, but since 2019, they started selling t-shirts too. Shopify Plus has helped Bombas to scale in the international market.


Dressbarn is an online retailer company. They want to launch their brand in a very short time. Shopify Plus not only help them to launch their online store but also allow them to boost their sale.

Shopify Plus has all the features you love with the Shopify Basic plans with an array of new features that fit a large or rapidly-growing business. By carefully weighing out these benefits with the associated costs, you can discover if the Plus platform will help you run your business more efficiently or even take it to the next level.

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