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There was no clear champion in ecommerce websites about ten years ago until Shopify Lite emerged. Shopify brought user-friendly software and cutting-edge functionality to the table. They are now the market leader and the best ecommerce website builder. Choosing the best eCommerce website builder is not as simple as it may appear. It can be difficult to decide which option is best for your online store in a market with literally dozens of good possibilities. Shopify Lite is one of those strong options, and there are a lot of compelling reasons to use it. It is a fantastic choice for small businesses looking to launch an eCommerce business and sell to social media users or anyone else who is online.

In this article, we'll go over some of the fundamentals of Shopify lite, as well as some of its basic features!

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify Lite is defined as:

A low-cost plan that lets you sell things on a website you already have. Sell with a Buy Button without Shopify's hosting if you have a website that isn't hosted on Shopify. The $9 plan also includes Messenger chats, online and offline selling, and sending bills.

The Shopify Lite package, which costs $9 per month, is the most basic Shopify option. By providing the functionalities of a "Buy" button, the concept is aimed to transform a current website into an online store. Shopify Lite also integrates with Facebook and Messenger, allowing customers to make purchases directly from those platforms. 

If you want to sell things without having an internet shop, Shopify Lite is the strategy to go with. If you wish to sell through your blog, personal website, pop-up stores, or markets, the lite plan may be an excellent option. But if you're looking to build an Advanced Ecommerce Store, you should take a look at Shopify Plus.

Does Shopify Lite still exist?

Although Shopify Lite does not allow you to create an online store, but it is still availabe for merchants who want to sell in person or add a buy button to their current websites. You may use Shopify Lite to view reports, send gift cards, and split bills, among other things.

Difference between Shopify and Shopify Lite?

The biggest difference between Shopify Lite and Shopify Basic is that you don't receive a full web store with Shopify Lite. As a result, you won't be able to create a home for your brand on Shopify. The Shopify Lite plan, on the other hand, works with an existing website or social media profile.

  • Customers will not be able to view your online store or website if you choose the Shopify Lite plan. Instead, you can use the Shopify buy button to sell items on a website other than Shopify. The Shopify Lite Plan still gives analytics and sales statistics for top-performing products, as well as a financial report to track purchases and transactions.
  • If you want to start an online store, the Shopify Basic Plan is a good option. This package comes with free Shopify themes that you may personalise to fit your style and preferences. You may track inventory from up to four different locations, including a warehouse, office, brick and mortar store, or anyplace else you store merchandise. Individual staff logins with adjustable permissions are included in the basic plan. In addition to financial reports, the basic plan provides traffic data to assist you in growing your business.

Shopify Lite Pricing

The monthly fee for Shopify Lite is $9.00 USD. Shopify Lite is also available for a 14-day free trial. At $9 per month, Shopify Lite is one of the most affordable methods to start selling things online but keep in mind that it does not include a separate, fully equipped internet store.

When to use the Shopify Lite plan?

So, when is it perfect to use the Shopify Lite plan? This strategy will work in a variety of situations which are discussed below.

Selling on Social Media

If you're only attempting to sell on social media only, like facebook, Shopify Lite might be right for you. You may create a fully connected Facebook store with Shopify Lite. As a result, you can promote the store on Facebook and direct people to it. They don't have to leave Facebook to buy a product, reducing the number of steps required to complete a transaction. You may also sell your stuff while speaking with customers on Facebook Messenger. When a consumer asks for advise on which product to buy, this is an excellent tool to have. Rather of sending them to a website and hope they convert, you can close the deal straight away.

Selling on Your Blog or Website

If you already have a Website or a blog, Shopify Lite can be used to sell your products. Having a blog on your Shopify Lite can help you attract more customers. You're more likely to appear on the first page of search results if you provide high-quality contents that matches what people are looking for. As a result, you can draw individuals to your site even if they aren't looking for anything.

This is especially crucial if your business has a small number of products, which means you have fewer pages.The less pages you have, the less Google indexes them. As a result, your chances of appearing in search results are reduced. This problem is solved through blogging. Every blog post is a separate page that might appear in search results. You can also customise which blog entries you publish based on the keywords you wish to rank for.

Selling In-Person, Online and Offline

Shopify Lite is an ideal choice if you want to grow your business offline or in person at exhibits, markets, pop-up stores, or trade events. This platform is unique in that it includes typical point-of-sale functionality as well as a variety of choices for individuals who like to accept credit card payments through Square, Stripe, or PayPal. This platform expands your product sales both online and offline by providing a plug-and-play card reader that you can take with you when you wish to collect payments both online and offline. You can sell anywhere with point of sale systems.

Shopify Lite main Features

Now it's time to go through some of Shopify Lite's key features.

Shopify Buy Button

The Shopify Buy Button provides a quick way to purchase one of your products. The Buy Button is included in the Shopify Lite Plan, but a Buy Button can be used with any Shopify Plan. Buy Buttons drive people to your shopping cart by directing it to a specific product on your site. They contain HTML code that acts as a sales tunnel leading to the checkout page. Because embedding such code can be difficult at times, you should get help from your developer. Buy Buttons can be added to any non-Shopify website or blog.

Shopify's buy button is utilised not only by online store owners, but also by bloggers, artists, and influencers. They're entrepreneurs that want to start an e-commerce company and sell things under their own brand. The "purchase button" can be a lifesaver if their other websites receive more attention than their online store. Directing potential customers to checkout pages. Buy Buttons can be added to any page of your site. Some popular locations include your main page, top or side bar menus, and product photographs that you click to access further product information.Buy Buttons can display product images, descriptions, and pricing while also allowing customers to purchase items without leaving the page.

Shopify POS System

Shopify Lite also provides point-of-sale (POS) capabilities for in-person sales. To sell in person, you'll need the Shopify POS app on a supported mobile device, such as most iPhones or iPads. There's also an Android app, although it's an older version of Shopify POS ("Shopify POS Classic") with different capabilities Face-to-face merchants may now sell online without the need for a full ecommerce website thanks to the Shopify POS connection.Some of the key features of Shopify POS are:

  • Order Management
  • Customer Library
  • Discount, Tips and Taxes
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Product Library

The Shopify Lite POS features could be great for merchants attending trade exhibitions, selling at farmers' markets, or setting up temporary pop-up shops.

Invoice and Payments

Another reason to consider Shopify Lite is if your business primarily handles wholesale, phone, or bespoke orders. This is a cost-effective option that allows you to easily send invoices and take payments from consumers. Shopify Lite can be a fantastic tool for businesses that primarily process phone, custom, and bulk orders. It's a cost-effective plan that allows you to create invoices and get paid quickly and securely. This procedure entails preparing an invoice, which you will subsequently deliver to your clients. Customers can pay via Shopify's shopping cart after they receive the invoice. The invoices function similarly to other invoicing software.

Other Features of Shopify Lite

 Shopify Lite also has the following features:

  • Dashboard with a complete overview
  • Report on the finances
  • Profiles of customers
  • Management of orders
  • Management of products
  • Produce invoices
  • Customer support on Facebook Messenger
  • Gift cards
  • Split billing
  • Vouchers

For only $9 per month, Shopify Lite gives you access to all of the above facilities.

Shopify Lite is an amazing platform for those who already have a website. You may use this to sell things on Facebook, blogs, and other websites. It won't disturb your budget, either, because it's only $9 per month. Overall, it has all of the features you'll need to get started with an e-commerce business. Furthermore, if you want to start a new one to sell, Shopify Lite is the option for you. You can try it out for 14 days for free as well. So, we strongly recommend you to chose Shopify Lite if you are just about to start a business or you already have website and want to sell some products.

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