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Many Shopify stores have been enjoying significant success through the years. if you are planning to launch your own Shopify store or already have one, you might be wondering what Shopify apps these successful stores are using. This is when an app detector can come in handy. 

Why Looking for Shopify Apps a Store is Using?

There are actually many reasons why you should look for the Shopify apps that a particular store is using. 

The first is when you also want the same features. If a certain Shopify store is flourishing, it only makes sense that you’d also want the same apps they are using for your store to succeed as well. 

Of course, thriving Shopify stores have increased sales thanks to the apps they use, which means that it is likely that the same apps will also boost your own store’s sales. 

Finally, you’ll also want to look for these Shopify apps because you want to get inspiration from bigger and more popular brands so you can replicate them in your own shop. 

The Solution: Shopify App Detector

A Shopify app detector helps you discover the specific Shopify apps that are running on a specific Shopify store and the theme it uses. These Shopify apps can give you the additional functionality that might be missing from your own store. 

Once you scan a Shopify store for its winning secrets or other useful information, it will tell you the store’s apps to give you actionable insights you could use to make more sales and find new customers. 

Best 3 Shopify App Detector

It is typically not easy to detect a Shopify store’s apps. However, the following Shopify app detectors can help you out. 

Koala Inspector

The Koala Inspector lets you discover all the secrets of a Shopify store in just a single click. This can help you achieve the same level of functionality as other leading stores. It tells you the names of the specific apps and the Shopify them that the store uses. You can also discover the strategies that the store owner uses, including apps, themes, bestsellers, newest products, and more. 

Shopify App Detector by 

Shopify App Detector by can detect the apps and themes used by a Shopify store. and its community developed and maintained this app detector. This extension also comes complete with the source code, so you don’t need to worry about any excessive permissions. 


If you know your competitors already and you are interested to learn more about their secrets, Wappalyzer might just be what you need. This is a Firefox and Chrome extension that analyzes the Shopify store to see the apps they are using. 

The next time you want to know the apps that a Shopify store uses, the best Shopify app detector can help you discover everything in just a few clicks. 

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